Home Care Workers Ratify New Contract

CONGRATULATIONS! Home care members overwhelmingly voted YES to approve our home care contract. Members fought for years to win this groundbreaking agreement that includes:

* $15/hr min wage by April 2018

*Workers’ compensation coverage by January 2018

*Wage increases for workers’ who make more than $15/hour

*Funding for Training and Orientation

*Funding for Paid Time Off

*Support for a pilot training and peer mentoring program

This victory is the result of member action. Members like you rallied, made phone calls, signed petitions and talked to our lawmakers. Despite the State’s multi-billion-dollar budget deficit, we showed the state why it’s so important to invest in hard working caregivers like us.

Now, lawmakers must vote to approve a fair budget with funding for our contract for it to be implemented.

Our campaign is not over. We need to make sure lawmakers do the right thing. To get active, click https://1199ne.seiu.org/page/signup/yes-i-ll-volunteer
to say YES, I want to get active in our campaign for fairness.Bargaining Victory pic July 2017

Members of the Home Care United Bargaining Team


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