The Fight For $15 Continues!

Below are a few articles regarding the minimum wage increase happening in 2019!


For Much Of New England, Minimum Wage Going Up In 2019

Massachusetts continues to lead the minimum wage race. Affected Bay State workers will get $12 an hour in 2019, up from $11. The tipped minimum wage also increases, but the rate for certain farm workers remains the same, at $8 an hour… Maine, still abiding by a voter-approved ballot question, will increase its minimum wage to $11, up from $10… Rhode Island‘s wage will rise 40 cents to $10.50, and in Vermont, where increases are now somewhat tied to inflation, workers will get a 28-cent bump to $10.78 an hour… That leaves Connecticut holding steady at $10.10 an hour, the second lowest in New England, though that could change with a new governor taking office and more Democratic control of the legislature.


Minimum wage increases coming to 20 states in January

Halpert Baldwin, who makes beds and handles laundry in a nursing home near St. Louis, is looking forward to a raise next year. With the state’s minimum wage rising to $8.60 an hour, Baldwin will see a 60-cent bump that she says will take some of the bite out of her monthly bills. “It makes a difference,” Baldwin said, “but a lot of people are still making less than $10 an hour.”… Sustained campaigns like the “Fight for 15” and growing inequality have helped keep the pay issue front of mind, especially in coastal states, where the cost of living outpaces most people’s pay.


Ad campaign reminds New Yorkers of minimum wage boost

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also launched a Wage Theft Hotline to report employers not complying with the increase.

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