Dial 1199 – Podcast

Dial 1199_Draft 2_Color_FINALThis year we kicked off a new podcast in English and Spanish to discuss all issues affecting SEIU 1199 members and to advocate for progressive values in Connecticut.

The English-language podcast is hosted by rank-and-file members Shirley Watson and Garth Herrick.

The Spanish podcast, hosted by Communications Director Pedro Zayas, includes video, audio and print features in partnership with Identidad Latina, one of the leading Spanish-language newspapers in Connecticut and the Greater Hartford region.

You may access the “Dial 1199” podcasts at no cost here, on iTunes, TuneIn Radio and many other podcast distribution apps, as well as through our Facebook page.




Crisis at Connecticut Valley and Whiting Forensic Hospitals – Jul 1, 2019

Healthcare workers at Connecticut Valley Hospital and Whiting Forensic Hospital delivered a petition to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services with more than 700 signatures in demand of safe staffing levels, adequate training to respond to specific patient populations, proper administration of disciplinary measures and better receptiveness to clinical staff recommendations. What’s next? SEIU 1199 Organizer Avery Pittman and Vice President Paul Fortier join Shirley and Garth to follow up on our recent press conference to address short-staffing at the DMHAS.

Making the Law: Political Action, Political Allies – Jun 26, 2019

New England’s SEIU 1199 Political Director Katie Traber takes us on a policy rollercoaster ride through Connecticut’s 2019 legislative session, in a special extended edition of #Dial1199 with Shirley and Garth. You won’t believe how much our members accomplished in Union to improve the lives of working people….

CT’s nursing home caregivers WIN!!! – Jun 20, 2019

Standing up for their demands in Union, some nursing home caregivers in Connecticut are getting wage raises as high as 14-30% through the year 2021, improvements on their benefits package and better working conditions to provide quality care. Bonnie Gaudreau, a Licensed Practical Nurse with 29 years of experience working in Connecticut nursing homes, talks with Shirley and Garth to share her story of fighting in Union with #SEIU1199 New England.


UConn Health: Speculation of Privatization – June 3, 2019

UConn Health operates the last remaining public hospital in the state of Connecticut, pumping $1.5 billion per year into the state economy. UConn John Dempsey Hospital also provides unique services for vulnerable populations, as well as training and research opportunities for our future caregivers. District 1199 members from UConn Health’s dental department speak up against the ongoing speculation of privatization. Over 4,000 union members in the UCH Labor Coalition say “Keep Our Public Hospital for the Public Good.”


Working People Win $15 for CT! – May 28, 2019

With Gov. Ned Lamont’s signature, the Fight for $15 is officially state minimum wage law in Connecticut. But the fight for a living wage and a Union continues. Hear the story of SEIU 32BJ, one of many Union organizations that stand up for better wages for all working people. Guest Juan Hernández also comments on taxing the rich to stop the “squeeze” on middle class families.

The YAS Program REALLY Works! – May 24, 2019
The Young Adult Services program is all about helping young people to overcome mental health and addiction issues with a proactive approach. Rafael Irizarry, mental health assistant from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, explains why YAS is one of the best investments we can make as Connecticut taxpayers to protect our future generations.



Media matters: Labor demands for this legislative session – May 20, 2019 

Labor unions have pressed Connecticut’s General Assembly during this session to set a new minimum wage at $15 per hour and pass paid medical and family leave for all workers. Dial 1199 hosts Shirley and Garth also address the critical short-staffing conditions at the Department of Correction’s health division.

Shirley and Garth Say “Hello” – May 17, 2019

Rank-and-file Union members Shirley and Garth host the first podcast for #Dial1199, where we will discuss all-things related to SEIU 1199NE, The New England Health Care Employees Union. What is a Union? How do Union members advocate for policy to improve the lives of working people and the lives of those we care for every day?


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