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Home Care

As the Home Care providers Union, we are united around quality care for Consumers and quality jobs for caregivers.  Before and during this pandemic, PCAs and our Consumers have worked tirelessly to win the following:

  • Raises implemented on July 1st, 2020: PCAs increased to $16.25; those making more received a 1.5% increase
  • Hazard pay of 7.5% for all hours worked April 1st – June 30, 2020
  • Over a million items of PPE (masks and gloves) distributed and counting.  Request more PPE for DSS Consumers HERE and for DDS Consumers in English HERE or in Spanish HERE.
  • Access to COVID related paid leave through 12/31/20: Sick Leave Click here to download the form (Word Document) and Extended Paid Family & Medical Leave Click here to download the form (Word Document)
  • Time and a half Pay on Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, MLK Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July
  • Access to Overtime, Increasing Individual Budgets, or Expedited New Hires: for DSS Consumers or PCAs Click here to download the form (PDF Document) and for DDS Consumers or PCAs Click here to download the form (PDF Document)
  • Access to CT Paid Family & Medical Leave beginning in 2021 
  • Access to Workers Comp Insurance for work-related injury or illness (including COVID-19 contracted at work): To file for Workers compensation, call Atlantic Charter within the first 2 days to assure they have a claim number from them to use for medical care.  Next, complete the 30c form here. One signed copy should be faxed to the district of injury. One copy should be sent certified mail/return receipt requested to your Employer. Mail a third copy regular mail to Atlantic Charter (Attn: Paul Hammond, Sr. Claims/Loss Control Specialist at Atlantic Charter, 25 New Chardon St, Boston MA 02114). Always keep one copy for yourself. If you have further questions, contact Paul Hammond at Atlantic Charter (Phone: 617-488-6546; Fax: 617-207-4344; Email: You can also reach out to 1199’s Workers Comp organizer, Alison Sylvia, for questions or to get help at or by calling the Union at 860-549-1199.

Are you paid by Allied or Sunset Shores and experiencing a pay problem? File a grievance here

Are you in need of Masks, Gloves, or other PPE to work safely? Request more on behalf of your consumer here: for DSS Consumers HERE and for DDS Consumers in English HERE or in Spanish HERE

Help home care workers have a stronger voice and become a member today! Click here to become a member 

Learn more about your rights; click here to view our Home Care Contract: Home Care Contract

Home Care Workers Rally in Enfield – Demanding pay be “On Time, Every Time!”

More than 100 home care workers came out to put Allied Community Resources on notice that workers must be paid accurately “On Time, Every Time.” The home care workers marched to Allied Rehabilitation Center, their payroll agency. “When the money …

New – On Time, Every Time Campaign Video

SEIU Local 1199NE represents some 10,000 independent provider home care workers in Connecticut. While the workers aren’t pulbic employees, they are paid exclusively by public funds. Two fiscal intermediaries are managing the payment system by the Connecticut Department of Social …

“On the Job, 24 Hours A Day, 27 Days A Month” – A New York Times Article

A home health aide for a 77-year-old man serves as social worker, diaper changer, dietitian, day planner, warden and more — all at dismal wages. The New York Times released an article detailing what the home health aides typically go …

A new rule would bar home care workers from deducting union dues from paychecks. It’s unfair.

By KAY WRIGHT | SPECIAL TO HARTFORD COURANT | JUN 07, 2019 | 6:00 AM The Trump administration recently issued a new rule that could prevent home care workers like me from using payroll deduction to contribute to our union. …

Trump Administration Targets Home Care Workforce with Racist CMS Rule Change

HARTFORD – Today, as part of the Trump administration’s ongoing attack against working people and Medicaid, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a rule that denies more than half a million independent provider home care workers the …

Watch as 1199 member Denitra Pearson expresses the importance of Paid Family & Medical Leave in CT

As a working mother in Connecticut, SEIU1199 member Denitra Pearson experiences firsthand the importance of having the freedom of Paid Family & Medical Leave. Connecticut can be a place where working families can afford to have the freedom of caring …

Learn more about benefits for your home care services

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Home Care Contract Highlights

Wage Increases for PCAs who make less than $15/hour (75% of our Bargaining Unit): PCAs who make less than $15/hour will enjoy a 30% increase in our minimum rates, up to $15/hour by July 2018 and up to $16.25 by …

Home Care Workers Ratify New Contract

For years home care workers have been fighting for $15/hr minimum wage and workers’ compensation.  At last, we have reached a ground-breaking tentative agreement with many important victories for home care workers including: * PCA Minimum wage rising over two …


The new ad out today sets Connecticut’s budget drama in an action movie trailer.   The ad sets the stage by opening “In a state where some legislators side with corporate lobbyists to protect billionaires and corporations while attacking middle class …

1199 Members Vote to Make Our Union Stronger

This past week 1199 members voted on two important issues facing our union.  First, members had to decide whether our newly organized child care members would be added to the list of workers in our union’s jurisdiction.  Secondly, members voted on …

Home Care Workers Win Historic Contract

Historic first contract for home care workers has been approved by legislators! Thank you to all who made phone calls, met with lawmakers and talked to your friends and neighbors. You helped make this happen. Together we made history and …

We’re Voting on our First Home Care Contract!

We did it! We have a tentative agreement for our very first home care contract! By uniting as a union, we became stronger together and gained an effective voice to speak up for ourselves and our consumers. More than a …

CT Legislature Stands with Home Care Workers & Consumers

CT Legislature Stands with Home Care Workers After 6 and a half hours of debate, the Connecticut State Senate passed legislation on May 3rd that grants family child care providers and home care workers the right to negotiate with the state for better pay and benefits and improved training.

Home Care Workers Win Collective Bargaining

After six hours of debate, the Connecticut State Senate passed H.B. 5312 by a vote of 22 to 14. More than 6,000 home care workers, who voted last month to join SEIU District 1199NE, will now be able to bargain …

Home Care Workers and Consumers Celebrate Overwhelming YES Vote, Creating a Union with 1199

Home care consumers and workers gathered on Thursday, March 29 to celebrate the formation of CT Home Care United, the first-ever union for Connecticut’s in-home care providers, a new chapter of the state’s largest union of health care workers,  District 1199, SEIU.

We Did It! Connecticut Home Care Providers Vote “Yes” To Form Union

Home care consumers and workers gathered on March 29th to celebrate the formation of CT Home Care United, the first-ever union for Connecticut’s in-home care providers, a new division of District 1199, SEIU.

VIDEO: Personal Care Assistants And Consumers Talk About The Union Difference

Our consumers support us because they know that by improving the standards of our jobs, we can reduce turnover and continue working together with them to improve the quality and accessibility of care. Watch this video clip to hear testimony from consumers and workers about the difference a union would make in their lives.

Connecticut’s PCAs and Consumers Talk About the Difference a Union Will Make

Connecticut’s home care workers and personal care assistants are forming a union – and our consumers support us! Check out the video above to learn why!

Now Is The Time To Stand Together

Personal care attendants in Connecticut are now ready to choose a union to advocate for our consumers and our families.