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10 Ways Your Union Dues Are Working For You

Find out how SEIU is fighting for your rights and interests every day.

The threats we face as union members in this moment are nothing like we’ve seen before. It’s only by sticking together in our union that we have the power to protect and strengthen what we worked so hard to achieve.

Here are 10 ways that we are stronger when we unite together in SEIU, our union:

  1. Working people who join together in unions raise their wages by roughly 20%. One person demanding raises will likely end in disappointment, but when your brothers and sisters rally beside you and you work together, the possibilities are endless. The stronger the union, the bigger the raise!
  2. A woman is paid, on average, only 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. But women who join together in unions are paid 94 cents, on average, for every dollar a man earns. We need to continue to make progress, but joining together in unions results in a tremendous increase in gender pay equity.
  3. It’s no accident that 92% of workers who join together in unions have job-related health coverage, versus only 68% of not yet union workers. Nothing is more important to families than making sure that those you love will receive the care they need should the worst happen.
  4. Because the United States is one of the few countries without paid maternity leave, we have to fight for that right on the job. We only have the power to demand that when we stick together in unions.
  5. Everybody gets sick. So do your children. It’s a lose-lose when people have to come into work sick, particularly in the service industry. Workers who join together in unions are much more likely to receive paid sick leave, so we can focus on getting better instead of potentially infecting the entire workplace when we’re feeling under the weather.
  6. Thousands of Americans are killed on the job each year, with even more dying of occupational hazards. These issues are ongoing and when you join together with your coworkers in a union, you can fight to create safe working conditions that prevent death, illness and injury.
  7. From the wildfires of Northern California, to the devastating storms in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, we stand shoulder to shoulder in our union when faced with disasters. That’s why SEIU members pitch in to help provide relief when our sisters and brothers need it most.
  8. We know how important it is in the industries where we serve to have a highly trained workforce. Additionally, job training allows us to advance in our careers. That’s why SEIU members have used the union to raise standards and ensure that training is available and to make sure our industries are professionalized to the benefit of everyone.
  9. After years of service to our communities, we deserve a safe and secure retirement. It’s 60% more likely for workers in unions to participate in defined-benefit pension plans compared to nonunion workers. And more than 70 million working Americans don’t have any retirement plan from their employer, at all! That’s why America needs more unions.
  10. When we speak as one voice we can make more of a difference than when we stand alone. Every SEIU member has a voice on the job that allows us to collectively fight for the things that matter to us in our workplace.

In short, our union is how working people like us fight for better wages, job security, healthcare, retirement security, paid sick days, vacation and other benefits.

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