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  • PCA Contract Lifting Hourly Wages to $23/hr Receives Final Approval
    SEIU 1199NE, the New England Health Care Employees Union, is proud to announce that a new home care PCA contract was approved Monday in both chambers of Connecticut’s General Assembly. This final step to enact a new PCA contract ensures a $23 minimum wage for nearly 12,000 independent personal care attendants working in Connecticut. “Congratulations to all the union members of SEIU 1199NE for winning one of the best PCA contracts in the nation. Today’s victory to finalize this contract Read more...
  • Home Care PCAs Optimistic as GT Independence Takes Over Payroll System
    A new payroll agency for home care providers will replace Allied Community Services, following a plague of paycheck processing errors that afflicted thousands of PCAs and HUSKY patients for years.  Personal care attendants (PCAs) serving patients covered by Connecticut’s HUSKY Health/Medicaid are hopeful that the new agency, GT Independence, will drastically reduce the high volume of weekly paycheck errors, and establish improved customer service relations that helps both workers and Read more...
  • Union Strike Ends with Two-Year Contracts, but Struggle to End Poverty Continues
    Group home and day program members of the New England Health Care Employees Union, SEIU 1199NE, agreed to new contracts at six agencies in recent days, ending a weekslong strike that sought to end poverty for long-term caregivers. The new contracts cover the next two years, starting on July 1, 2023, with an option to reopen negotiations after the first year. Direct care providers will be receiving raises of approximately $1.25 an hour or more in the first year. “We have achieved agreements that Read more...
  • 2023-2026 District Election Results Are In!
    The results for the District Elections for 2023-2026 are as follows: Election-Results-For-Distribution-2023-2026-FinalDownloadRead more...
  • Healthcare Providers from State Agencies to Engage in Peaceful Civil Disobedience as Demands to Restore and Expand Lifesaving Services Must be Rendered in CT’s Budget
    State healthcare staff and supporters engaged in peaceful civil disobedience Thursday during a sit-in at the Connecticut State Capitol in demand of a budget that restores and expands public lifesaving services. The sit-in concluded with the detention of 15 individuals. The group of detainees included public servants who are nurses, children’s services workers, teachers, faith leaders and social workers. All individuals are expected to be released today by Capitol Police. “We can’t keep this up Read more...

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