State Union Coalition Tells Hartford Healthcare: Stop Using Our Members As Pawns

In response to the countless 1199 (and other union) members and retirees caught up in a power struggle between Anthem and Hartford Healthcare, and who are facing loss of access to their doctors and mounting medical costs, the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition today sent a letter to Hartford Healthcare CEO Elliott Joseph.

In the letter to Hartford Healthcare CEO Eliot Joseph, SEBAC urges Hartford Healthcare to stop using its patients — and our members — as pawns in a power grab to rake in even more profits and gain even more market share in the healthcare arena at the expense of patients and their families.
“Our members’ disappointment in such an attitude from an organization whose mission it is to care for people and their families cannot be overstated,” the letter states. “Indeed, we doubt that many of Hartford Healthcare’s dedicated doctors and health care professionals support this cavalier approach to their patients…Hartford Healthcare’s patients are its life blood, and its moral responsibility.”
SEBAC leaders specifically questioned Hartford Healthcare’s refusal of Anthem’s offer to pay Hartford Healthcare reimbursements under the current rates, with a commitment to retroactively compensate Hartford Healthcare for any increase in the rates that is agreed to in the next contract.

Click here to read the full letter.

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