Getting Support on the Job

Everyone wants to have smooth working relationships, but problems come up in every workplace.  It’s our job as union members to make sure that both we and our patients are protected from bad management decisions.


Your union contract is enforced by you and your co-workers.  If we don’t hold management accountable when they break the rules, then they’ll feel free to do whatever they want, whenever they want.  The best way to resolve a conflict is by organizing our co-workers to stand up for each other and take action.  Another way we enforce our contract is by filing a grievance to challenge management’s actions.  If necessary, we go to arbitration where a neutral third-party decides the issue.



1199 members elect co-workers to serve as union delegates at every work site. Your delegate is trained to help you get the answers and support you need, and can provide you with a copy of your contract.  Your 1199 delegate can answer questions about the contract and help you take action at work to resolve any issues that arise. If your work site or work area doesn’t currently have a union delegate, talk to your union organizer about the process by which you and your co-workers can nominate and elect a delegate.  You and your delegate can also turn to your 1199 organizer, a staff person who can provide organizing or a Member Resource Center Organizer who can provide technical support.



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Resolving workplace issues is not always easy – especially when you don’t know who to ask for help!

To help provide the support you need, our union created a Member Resource Center:

  • Advice on Contract Questions
  • Locate Delegate near you
  • Answers to Union related Questions
  • Advice on Handling workplace concerns
  • Support for Delegates
  • Get a copy of your contract
  • Information on upcoming events
  • Information on  signing up for SEIU Member Benefits
  • Aid in starting Grievance Process (if no Delegate at work site) – To view and print a grievance form:

– State Employees Grievance Form

– Private Sector Grievance Form

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS: Protect Your Rights

Having a delegate is important to ensure that management follows the contract – and if you are ever questioned by a supervisor in a way you think may result in discipline, you should assert your Weingarten Rights by saying you want a Union delegate to be with you.  Without representation, you should not answer any questions.  Click here to learn more about your Weingarten Rights.

You can contact the Member Resource Center at:


1199 Main Number: 860-549-1199

1199 Main Fax: 860-251-6049


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