Mosaic Negotiations 11.20.18

Mosaic March on the Boss 11.20.18Ivy Wilson_Petition_Mosaic_Coventry_11.20.18

1199ers fought very hard to win our first increase for wages from DDS in over ten years. Now Mosaic management is claiming they “don’t have any information” in order to negotiate. On October 18th, the State told all the agencies it was committed to funding our raises.

We went to the office on November 20th to meet & finalize what should be very simple negotiations:
• Everyone goes to $14.75 or gets a 5% raise, period!
• Whether Full-Time, Part-Time or Sub, we all get a raise starting January 1st, 2019.
But management was not there.

Sign the petition to show management we are tired of waiting and demand to meet and finish our wage reopener. When we stand up together we have a chance.
Let’s come together and say:

Negotiate Now!

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