Negotiations & Your Union Contract

Working together, we campaign for contracts to improve our jobs, make sure we’re all treated fairly, and secure the resources we need in order to provide quality services that we can be proud of.  At each 1199 work site, our union contract (called a collective bargaining agreement) spells out our rights and benefits, such as:

  • Pay levels and raises
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Retirement benefits
  • Job security
  • Scheduling and promotions
  • Vacations, sick time, & holidays
  • Rules requiring fair treatment and procedures for resolving problems

With each round of negotiations, members decide what improvements we need to fight for and elect a team of their co-workers to lead negotiations.  To win a good contract, workers have to show management that we are united. We often must organize support from community groups or elected officials to convince management to reach a fair agreement.

Negotiation sessions are open to all members in the bargaining unit at the work site, and all members have the right to vote on the final proposal. If the proposed contract is not acceptable or an agreement can’t be reached, then members vote on what action to take next.

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