After Management Breaks Law, Newly-Organized May Institute Workers Win 3% Raise

By standing together and speaking out at negotiations, a new group 1199 members at the May Institute, who joined the union in September 2011 by a vote of 66 to 18, fought for and won a 3% raise for all union workers.

During the campaign to organize their union and win their election, management broke the law by giving the non-union staff a 3% raise — leaving direct care workers who work hard every day to care for our clients out in the cold.   At contract negotiations in November and December, May Institute workers told management that it was unfair and demanded the same 3% raise.

The new 1199 members also filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the May Institute with the National Labor Relations Board, asking them to investigate the raise to non-union staff.  As part of the Labor Board’s investigation, several members gave affidavits to the Board about their experiences.  Because they stood up for themselves at negotiations and spoke out to enforce federal labor law, management has finally signed an agreement to give everyone a 3% raise.

Contract negotiations continue at the May Institute, and the staff — who had gone without a raise for 4 years — are determined to continue fighting for additional wage increases, improvements in our working conditions and fair treatment, in order to win a fair contract that protects their rights and safety, and improves their standard of living.

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