State Team Video Updates / SEBAC Report and Statement 3.23.20

Earlier this week, members at Greater Bridgeport Mental Health Center, Connecticut Valley Hospital, and other facilities across the state were growing increasingly concerned about the lack of temperature screenings for staff entering facilities. Delegates throughout the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services decided to collectively demand a process of systematic screenings at their labor-management meetings. “We did it on behalf of our clients and staff,” says Delegate Dr. Immacula Cann. “Our efforts were not in vain, as screenings and temperature checks began this week​ in Bridgeport.”

Although many improvements are still needed, management has finally responded to our demand — showing that the only way to ensure safety for members and patients is by uniting and taking action as a Union. “We need to stick together,” says CVH Delegate Michelle Caron. “We need to continue to put pressure on management to do what’s right.” ​

SEBAC Statement and Report

The Coalition continues to have strong concerns about both the protection of state workers performing essential services on the job and the implementation at an agency level of the Governor’s directives and statements that those workers who can work at home be allowed to do so, and “only the essential people go to work as needed.” OPM/DAS guidances have failed in a number of important ways to fully capture those principles, and while some agencies have responded quickly and constructively to both issues, others have lagged behind and resisted changes that would protect the public and state employees. Click here to read the latest SEBAC Statement and Report.

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