1199 State Employees: SEBAC 3.15 Report on COVID-19

On March 13th 2020, SEBAC leaders met with Secretary Melissa McCaw from OPM and Undersecretary Fae Brown-Brewton from OLR to make sure that the perspectives of frontline workers are heard as the State’s response to the COVID-19 emergency evolves. Here is a report from the SEBAC coalition to all union members. The first four pages of the attached document have been developed by SEBAC and outlines a set of united positions looking to protect the rights and safety of our members. The remaining pages of the document include all correspondence issued from the state to state employees to date. A couple of things to note:

  1. SEBAC shares major concerns about several aspects of the Governor’s documents. This will be an evolving discussion at the SEBAC level and we will keep all members up to date on the status of those discussions.
  2. We will be identifying an agency point of contact to maintain consistent communication throughout the next several weeks. Organizers will be in communication with the facility delegates about these talks.
  3. As 1199 members across the state respond to this crisis, our unity, solidarity, and communication will be our compass throughout these difficult times. 1199 members should work with their delegates and organizers in directly fighting for the safety protections, protocols, and other preparedness measures that members and patients deserve.


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