Why CT Home Care Workers Are Uniting Together

Far too often, home care workers are forced to leave the consumers or loved ones we care for in order to find work that offers benefits, paid time off or more hours. For some consumers, the high turnover of the home care provider profession can get in the way of receiving the stable care they need. It’s a heart-wrenching decision for any caregiver to have to make, but the reality is that we cannot care for others if we cannot make a living that enables us to care for ourselves and our families.

Personal Care Attendants in 10 states have already united in SEIU Healthcare and worked together to make home care more stable and reliable for consumers. We’ve won paid sick time, paid days off, access to health insurance and increased wages — and we’ve partnered with consumers, family members, and advocates to ensure consistent, quality care and a care-delivery system where consumers remain empowered.

Now Connecticut home care workers are ready to join them. Click here to visit the “Home Care Workers United” webpage and learn more about the campaign.

If you are curious to learn about how SEIU works with consumers,  you can hear directly from organizations and individuals in the disability advocacy community about their experience working with SEIU as a partner for dignity, empowerment and quality care by checking out the video below:

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