We’re Voting on our First Home Care Contract!

We did it! We have a tentative agreement for our very first home care contract!

Members of the Home Care United Bargaining Team

Members of the Home Care United Bargaining Team

By uniting as a union, we became stronger together and gained an effective voice to speak up for ourselves and our consumers. More than a hundred home care workers participated in the negotiations with the State that led to this agreement.

The members of the Home Care Workers United bargaining team strongly recommend that you vote YES to approve this tentative agreement.

Ballots are out in the mail and regional meetings are being held all over the state.

However, our work isn’t done yet. We’ve won a strong tentative agreement, but to turn that agreement into a full contract with the funding we need for our raises and other improvements, together we have to take a few more important steps:

  1. Vote YES to approve our Agreement. Our wins in this agreement can only be implemented if we first vote YES to approve the contract. Then and only then can we present our contract to the legislature for their approval of the necessary funding. Ballots must be received in our Hartford union office by noon on Wednesday, April 2nd. Please fill out your ballot today and return it as soon as possible, following all the instructions given carefully. If you have questions, want to know more, or meet with other home care workers, you may also bring your ballot to a ratification meeting in your area (see enclosed meeting schedule for details).
  2. You must be a member to vote! Don’t lose your chance to participate — sign a membership card today. Cards were mailed to everyone who is not currently a member and will be available at the regional meetings or upon request by phone to (860) 549-1199.
  3. Stay Active! Once we’ve voted to approve our first Contract, the Connecticut State Legislature has to approve it as well to guarantee the funding for our raises and services. This agreement was only possible because so many of us took action – making calls, lobbying our Representative and Senators at the Capitol, telling our stories and much more. We need to keep that up so we get our Contract funded before the end of the legislative session in May.

This is a great moment in history for home care workers like us and the consumers we support. Take a moment to celebrate – then fill out your ballot, tell your friends and fellow workers to do the same and let’s bring this home!

In Unity,


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