Home Care Workers Ratify New Contract

For years home care workers have been fighting for $15/hr minimum wage and workers’ compensation.  At last, we have reached a ground-breaking tentative agreement with many important victories for home care workers including:

* PCA Minimum wage rising over two years to $16.25/hour for those making under $14.75

*Workers’ compensation coverage by next year

*Overall 6.5% pay increase for those making more than $15/hour

*Time-and-a-half holiday pay

*Increased funding for training and orientation opportunities

*and more!!

(Click here to view the agreement)

Despite the huge budget shortfall, home care workers won improvements because stuck together, we made phone calls, we told our stories, and turned out in large numbers.  Our actions and unity made a difference!

To achieve our victory, our bargaining team recommends that we VOTE YES. This is an important step for home workers to be paid a living wage and have the protection of workers’ compensation when we are hurt caring for others.

Our approval of the agreement is the first step.  Then, the agreement must be approved by the legislature for it to go into effect.

Join us for an in-person voting session to cast your ballot and learn more about the agreement.  Click here to RSVP:

Bargaining Victory pic July 2017

Members of the Home Care United Bargaining Team


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