District 1199 Endorses Ned Lamont for Governor, Eva Bermudez Zimmerman for Lt. Governor, Shawn Wooden for Treasurer

HARTFORD, CT — The state’s largest union of health care workers, the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, SEIU, announced its endorsement today of Ned Lamont for Governor. The union represents more than 25,000 professional and paraprofessional caregivers in Connecticut. District 1199 also endorsed Eva Bermudez-Zimmerman for Lieutenant Governor, Shawn Wooden for Treasurer, Jahana Hayes for the 5th Congressional District, Matt Lesser for the 9th Senate District and Andrew Fleishmann for the 18th House District.

The union had previously endorsed Julie Kushner for the 24th Senate District, currently represented by Michael McLachlan of Danbury, and Dan Fontaine for the 90th House District, currently represented by Craig Fishbien.

“We are proud to endorse all of these candidates, starting with Ned Lamont for election as the next governor of Connecticut. Without question, he is by far the most qualified candidate from either party to tackle the grave internal challenges facing our state, with the proven ethical fiber to defend our state’s residents on the national stage as we deal with a President, administration, Congress and Supreme Court that have proven more shamelessly self-interested and unprincipled with each passing week.”

“Health care workers in Connecticut understand that this election is critical, not only for their own families but for all the Connecticut citizens they support in hospitals, nursing homes, community group homes, clinics and social service agencies. They are committed to ensuring that candidates like Ned, Eva, Shawn and Jahana win in August and again on November 6, for the benefit of working people and all the residents of our great state.”

“We have thousands of engaged, motivated union activists ready to knock on doors, dial phones and walk every block in the state to talk to their co-workers about why this election is so important.”

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