Stronger Together – A message from President Rob Baril

An important message from SEIU 1199NE President Rob Baril:
“In the past 10 days, 3 mass shootings have struck our nation. Two of the killings -those in California and Texas- were by self-proclaimed white supremacists. The California shooting injured an SEIU 521 member and killed her six-year-old son. Her mother, a retired SEIU member, was also injured in the shooting.
1199 New England Officers and leaders send our hearts out to the family and victims of these senseless acts of violence and domestic terrorism. We recognize the courage and compassion of SEIU members who work at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and St. Louise Regional Hospital, who sprang into action to help the victims and are dealing with the trauma of the California shooting. Local 521 has put up a blog post that has more information, including a link to the GoFundMe page  that has been set up for the family. 1199 leaders are discussing an appropriate contribution to the SEIU-connected victims in California.
Racialized violence pre-dates President Trump’s election. But the level of divisive, racist, hate-mongering language from the White House is unprecedented in modern times
While distracting us by generating fear based on race and religion, the current administration is busy rigging the rules to benefit the wealthy, undermining workers’ rights, and cutting health care and education. All of us- white, black, and brown- deserve better. We need to join together with people from all walks of life to fight for our future, just like we won better wages, safer workplaces, and civil rights in our past.
Together, we have the power to pick leaders who believe in all of our children. When we come together across our different communities, we can make this a nation we’re proud to leave our kids, with improved opportunities that benefit all.”
In Unity,
Rob Baril
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