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Important State Negotiations Contract News

Dear 1199 State Member,

Our contract expires on June 30th, 2021. Negotiations for a new contract for all members in the P-1 and NP-6 bargaining units will begin in November.

We’re entering negotiations during a pivotal moment. As multiple global crises converge, the state of Connecticut confronts a projected $2.1 billion deficit. Antiunion forces that have been demonizing state workers for years have begun their familiar drumbeat once again, calling for even deeper service cuts, the elimination of union rights, and lower wages and benefits.

The only way we can move from defense to offense is by putting forward a bold vision for expanding the state health care services that our communities need. We must fight for raises, job security, and other important improvements for our members—and we must link these demands to the larger demand for a People’s Recovery benefiting all people in Connecticut.

What is the People’s Recovery? Unlike the bailout following the Great Recession, it’s time for a recovery that prioritizes the needs of working people, not the bottom lines of big corporations and the superrich. It’s time for a recovery that funds and expands public services instead of continuing to underfund and cut them to the bone. As one of the leading health care workers union in America, we must be on the forefront of the struggle to win health equity for all.

This contract survey is the first step in deciding what improvements and services we want to demand in our fight for a strong contract and for a People’s Recovery. It’s critical that as many members as possible complete this survey.

Click on the link to reach the survey as well as a letter including more details about our campaign timeline over the next few months. Please submit your responses by October 2nd—and please speak with your Delegate if you have questions. ​

Click here to begin the contract survey.

We will also be electing our statewide negotiating in September. The negotiating committee is the elected body that is responsible for negotiating our next contract directly with the State. The negotiating committee will be comprised of 77 union members. There will be approximately one negotiating committee member representative for every 75 – 100 members.

Petitions for nominations to run for the negotiating committee are available now on the 1199 website. Please find the list of jurisdictions for the negotiating committee here.

If you would like to run for election to the negotiating committee, please identify which jurisdiction you would be running in, and fill out the form on the website by Monday, September 21st. After you have filled out the form, you will receive instructions to collect the required ten (10) signatures from members to be eligible to be on the ballot for election to the negotiating committee.

After this nominating process is concluded, elections will be scheduled beginning on Wednesday, September 23rd. The election process will take place virtually via text. Please contact your organizer with any questions.

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