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Support the Long-Term Care Workers’ Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Rally 2020-07-10

Long-term caregivers keep fighting on the front lines to protect Connecticut’s most vulnerable populations. Nursing home workers, home care workers, group home workers and other caregivers in nontraditional settings have risked their lives and livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide essential services for those who need them most.

Protecting workers will place Connecticut in a better position to face our next public health emergency. After thousands of nursing home residents, dozens of workers and their families have paid the ultimate price during the current pandemic, we must take action to ensure that caregivers and the people we care for every day are afforded reasonable standards of protection.
Click to view the PDF of the ad featured in the Hartford Courant

Click to view the PDF of the ad featured in the Hartford Courant

The Long-Term Care Workers’ Bill of Rights should account for the following protections:
1) Personal protective equipment for all who need it: The state must hold employers accountable and do better to protect our long-term care workers and patients.
2) Risk must be rewarded: Health care workers are essential and must earn a dignified and livable wage of no less than $20 per hour.
3) Care for caregivers: All essential workers should get the care they need during times of crisis, including quality affordable health insurance, paid sick leave, and childcare.
4) Fund our services by increasing Medicaid funding, setting progressive tax rates for the wealthy, and holding corporations, millionaires and billionaires accountable for meeting their responsibilities.
 Watch The Facebook Live Stream of the Rally Below:

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