SEIU 1199NE Candidate Endorsements for 2019

1199 Endorsement - Marilyn Moore 1199 Endorsement - Luke Bronin 1199 Endorsement - Toni Harp

Elect Marilyn Moore for Mayor of Bridgeport

Marilyn Moore is a lifelong resident of Bridgeport. Marilyn helped raise the minimum wage to $15 in this year’s legislative session at the Capitol, and was instrumental in helping thousands of SEIU 1199 nursing home caregivers win major funding increases for wages and benefits. Marilyn supports raising wages and benefits for direct care workers at private providers. She is a seasoned advocate for quality, affordable health care for all. She founded and runs The Witness Project, a nonprofit focused on reducing breast cancer mortality that mostly affects low-income minority women. Marilyn knows the everyday struggles that working families go through, and how important unions are to implement stronger policies that will protect the interests of working-class families above those of wealthy special interest groups. Marilyn is serving her third term as a state senator representing parts of Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe. She is a deputy president pro-temp of the Senate and is co-chair of the Human Services Committee, and of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. To read her Senate bio, you may click on the following link:

Reelect Luke Bronin for Mayor of Hartford

Mayor Luke Bronin was instrumental in helping win major funding increases for wages and benefits for thousands of nursing home caregivers across the state. Luke believes in workers’ rights to organize and rallied with state workers after the JANUS vs. AFSCME decision. Luke believes in providing adequate funding for high-quality health care services in Hartford. He has aggressively fought for resources to create good paying union jobs in the city of Hartford. He is committed to making Hartford the best city it can be for all its residents. This would be his second term as mayor of Hartford, having been elected for the first time in 2016. To read up on some of his accomplishments, you may click on the following link:

Reelect Toni Harp for Mayor of New Haven

Mayor Toni Harp boldly champions her belief in workers’ right to organize, and has been on the frontline of many strikes and picket lines. Before she began her career in elected office, she organized her coworkers into a union. Toni has made a public commitment to avoid balancing the budget on the backs of city workers. Toni has been a tireless champion for black, brown and white working families in New Haven, as an alder, in the Senate and now as mayor of New Haven. In the Senate, she was cochair of the Appropriations Committee and defended funding for all District 1199 members regularly. In her six years as mayor, she has promoted policies that embrace and celebrate the incredible diversity of the people of New Haven. To read up on some of her accomplishments, you may click on the following link:

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