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The Future Of Work: Gender Disparities In The Workplace Worsen During The Pandemic

This is part of a series of shows from Where We Live about the future of work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has caused major disruptions for workers’ careers, but the latest numbers show women have been hit particularly hard.

Women, and especially women of color, are bearing some of the largest economic impacts of the pandemic, from facing higher rates of unemployment to holding the majority of frontline essential jobs.

This hour: how will COVID-19 worsen gender inequality in the workplace?

We talk about how societal expectations around child care duties affect parents’ careers especially when schools have been closed.

And later, what’s the latest with the rollout of Connecticut’s Paid Family and Medical Leave? We hear from the CEO of the authority in charge of the program.


  • Jocelyn Frye – Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress who specializes on women’s economic security and women’s rights, focusing particularly on issues facing women of color
  • Kharlene Whonder – Personal Care Assistant (PCA) for 11 years, she is from New Haven and works with a client in Ansonia
  • LaToya Brown-Clayton – Family child care provider in Hartford
  • Andrea Barton Reeves – CEO of the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority

Story from WNPR


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